24th PPSEAWA International Conference, Session 2: "Our Young Women, Our Future"

Release Date: 
16 November 2010

entitled "Our Young Women, Our Future” was developed by the Youth Ambassadors nominated by PPSEAWA’s International Council: Angela Lee, Kate Morioka, and Akari Yamada. We deeply appreciated the opportunity to share our voices and concerns during the conference program.

The following presentations were given at the morning panel on Friday, May 21, 2010:


Suggestions for Reaching Out to Young Women

Release Date: 
16 November 2010

We would like to increase PPSEAWA’s online presence through the website and expand electronic networking. Kate created a mailing list for PPSEAWA young women this summer that we can expand to others to use as networking tool, to pass exchange information about the Millennium Development programs and issues that capture our attention such as health, literacy, and environment. Networking like this is a good way to find avenues for funding ourselves, as well as a way to cut expenses for programs by sharing resources.


Our Future: PPSEAWA’s Youth Ambassadors

Release Date: 
16 November 2010

The United Nations International Year of Youth: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding commenced in August. PPSEAWA’s Youth Ambassador Program is a great example of our organization’s commitment to get more young women involved in decision-making at the highest levels.



Formed in Nuku’alofa in 1952.

PPSEAWA Tonga hosted the 10th International Conference in Nukuʻalofa in 1964 and 19th International Conference in Nukuʻalofa in 1994.

PPSEAWA Tonga is proud that one of its members served as International President, Her Majesty Queen Nanasipauʻu of Tonga (then HRH Princess Nanasipauʻu Tukuʻaho, 2000-04).


Formed in Bangkok in 1959, with Princess Wan Waithayakornas the first President.

PPSEAWA Thailand  (PPSEAWAT) hosted the 18th International Conference in Bangkok in 1990. Thailand also hosted the Midterm Council Meeting in Bangkok in 2017.

PPSEAWA Thailand is proud that one of its members served as the International President, Sumalee Chartikavanij, 1988-94.

PPSEAWAT has the distinction of being granted special consultative status to the United Nations in 2000.


China was a founding member in 1928, and PPSEAWA-China became PPSEAWA Taiwan at 7th International Conference in 1955.

PPSEAWA Taiwan hosted the Midterm Council Meeting and Regional Youth Workshop in Taipei in 2011. Taiwan will host the 27th International Conference in Taipei in 2019.


Formed in Apia in 1954 as the West Samoa Chapter.

PPSEAWA Samoa hosted the 14th International Conference in 1978, the Midterm Council Meeting and Regional Workshop in 1996, and the Midterm Council Meeting and Regional Workshop in 2005.

PPSEAWA Samoa is proud that one of its members served as the International President, Dr. Viopapa Annandale, 2004-2010.

Republic of Korea

Founding member, 1928

PPSEAWA Korea hosted the 13th International Conference in Seoul in 1975. PPSEAWA Korea is proud that one of its members served as International President, Mary Lee, 1972-75.


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