In 1928, in Honolulu, a group of women with international concerns, hoping to promote peace through understanding and friendship, convened to establish the Pan Pacific Women’s Association. In 1955, the name was changed to Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women’s Association to more accurately reflect the organisation’s expanding area of interest.

At this first International Conference the primary focus was the exchange of experiences relating to national problem areas for women and children in and around the Pacific. Since 1930, international conferences have been held approximately every three years, bringing women together for meetings, lectures, workshops, and cultural programmes concerned with women, families and the promotion of peaceful lives for all.

PPSEAWA’s Mission Statement:

  1. To strengthen the bonds of peace by promoting better understanding and fostering friendship among all women of the Pacific and Southeast Asia;
  2. To initiate and promote cooperation among the women of these regions for the study and improvement of social, economic, and cultural conditions.

PPSEAWA comprises of autonomous national member organizations, many having several local chapters. Any group of women in countries within the Pacific and South East Asia areas which is committed to the purposes of the Association may apply directly to the International Council for membership. Members in member organizations may be individuals or representatives of women’s organizations with common objectives.

  • PPSEAWA is the only international women’s organization devoted to peace and understanding in the Pacific and South East Asia.
  • PPSEAWA is financed by contributions from individuals, organizations, and PPSEAWA member organizations.
  • PPSEAWA members are kept informed through an International Bulletin, published twice yearly, and through the Newsletters of member organizations.

PPSEAWA’s Goals:

  • Identifying the needs and problems of today’s women and children.
  • Protecting the status of women and children and promoting family and child welfare.
  • Furthering education, training and literacy programs for all ages.
  • Working to protect and improve the environment.
  • Raising funds and providing support for local and regional community development projects.

PPSEAWA’s Vision:

  • The growth of the organization both through increased membership in existing member organizations and through the establishment of new member organizations.
  • Increased programme activities in all member countries.
  • Increased participation in all United Nations affairs.