Questions To Start A Peace Discussion

Some definitions:

  • 1a: quiet; tranquillity 1b: mental calm.
  • 2a: freedom from or the cessation of war. 2b: Peace; a treaty of peace between states at war.
  • 3: Freedom from civil disorder.
  • 4: a ritual liturgical greeting.

Some statements:

  • The concept of peace not only includes the idea of harmony, but also enriches it. Therefore, wherever you find peace, you will also find harmony. Thomas Aquinas
  • True peace is not just the absence of conflict but the presence of justice. Mahatma Gandhi
  • To have peace, and to keep peace, we must want peace. Aristide Briand

Add your statement about peace to these.

Some discussion starters:

  • What is peace?
  • What is conflict?
  • Everyone has the right to live in peace. What do we understand when we make this statement?
  • How can PPSEAWA members promote peace within the Asia Pacific region?
  • What is my place?