PPSEAWA International - Donation and Contribution Program

Sponsors and Contributors to PPSEAWA International provide financial assistance other than through membership dues in order to support the work of PPSEAWA. The program is open to individual members of PPSEAWA as well as non members, businesses and other organizations who support the aims of this organization through their donations.

PPSEAWA is a non-political, not-for-profit section 501(c)3 organization founded in 1928 and accredited to the United Nations through ECOSOC in Category II and to ESCAP.

PPSEAWA is active in:

  • Identifying needs and problems of women and children;
  • Promoting the status of women and children;
  • Furthering education, skills training and literacy programs for all age groups;
  • Raising funds and mobilizing local help;
  • Working to protect and improve the environment.

Emergency Fund

Purpose: To assist member countries in case of natural disasters

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Conference Attendance Fund

Purpose: to give financial support for attendance at a PPSEAWA International Conference

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Peace and Development Award

Purpose: to build the capacity of community-based solutions for poverty alleviation by and for women and girls. Self-sustaining and economically viable communities are essential for a peaceful and equitable world, a world that nurtures women’s empowerment, self-determination and cultural dignity.

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Young Women’s Fund

Purpose: to enable young women (up to 34 years old) to contribute to PPSEAWA’s mission and work through innovative ideas and personal leadership.

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General Donation

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Donations for each of these funds may also be submitted by US$ check made out to PPSEAWA International. Contact the international treasurer for details.