Young Women’s Fund

The PPSEAWA Young Woman’s Fund (YWF) was established in the summer of 2007 through seed donations from dedicated members of PPSEAWA Hawaii and a Special Fund balance contribution by PPSEAWA USA. Its purpose is to enable PPSEAWA to give financial support to inspiring young women who are willing to carry its mission and work into the future, by contributing to PPSEAWA’s regional activities through innovative ideas and personal leadership.

The YWF Grant Application period for 2023 opens on 14 January and closes on 28 February. Applicants who are selected for grants will be notified by mid-March 2023.

Sample Purposes for an Award

  • Start up funds needed to establish a new socio-economic project for the betterment of her local community (e.g. micro financing), for possible adaptation into PPSEAWA.
  • Host an event or project for vulnerable youth.
  • Fulfill a need in an ongoing project in her local community to become self-sustaining.
  • Mentor emerging youth leaders in skills such as proposal writing, project planning and development, creating a sustainable budget, etc.

Eligibility for Awards

  • Any woman between the ages of 18 and 34, who is a PPSEAWA member in good standing.
  • Applications must include a brief recommendation by the PPSEAWA NMO President, or a member of the applicant’s National Board of Directors in her home country.
  • The applicant must reside and work within a PPSEAWA country. The applicant must be the primary planner and leader of the project.

Responsibility of Award Recipient

  • Timely submission of the application, together with a personal need outline and detailed description of the use of the funds.
  • The recipient must work with the PPSEAWA NMO Treasurer to manage the award. The award will be deposited into the PPSEAWA NMO Bank Account and be disbursed to the recipient as needed, by the PPSEAWA NMO Treasurer.
  • The recipient will be expected to report back to PPSEAWA International Council within six months on the benefits and progress resulting from the fund’s financial support and assistance received.

Selection Process and Award amounts

  • Application forms must be submitted for approval to the Executive Committee and review by the Finance Committee. The Executive Committee and two directors review the project for merit, by considering the goals and the feasibility of the project.
  • The Finance Committee determines the amount of each award dependent on availability of funds. Each award is not to exceed US$1,000.
  • Projects that are selected for grants may be announced on a rolling basis, and subsequent grants are dependent on the Fund’s replenishment.
  • The YWF Grant Award is paid to the PPSEAWA Treasurer in the host country of the recipient, for her discretionary use in her proposed project.


PPSEAWA’s YWF Award winners - Congratulations!


  • PPSEAWA Taiwan Youth member Shao Hua Huang, and her co-founders Run Sheng Chou and Monica, was chosen for a Young Woman’s Fund award for their project, WE Room Art Workshops. WE Room aims to awaken the community about overcoming anxiety and concerns over negative body image with the guidance and practice of art. They organize art workshops to promote breast health awareness, women’s bodily autonomy and wellbeing.
  • PPSEAWA Thailand Youth members Ratipan Janie Panpinij, who is PPSEAWAT Peace Project Committee Vice Chair, and Pakchanun Rerngprasertvita, who is PPSEAWAT UN Committee Vice Chair, were chosen for a Young Woman’s Fund award for their project, “Peace Starts at School.” In Thailand, the mental health situation surveyed by the World Health Organization 2017 reported that 30% of Thai students were bullied by friends; 21% of Thai students experienced bullying (being either a person who bullies or a person who is bullied, or both). 60% of this group had at least one mental disorder. They aim to educate students ages 8 to 13 years during a 5-week program in Thai schools aimed at reducing both school-bullying perpetration and victimization. Each week tackles a different aspect of bullying, including verbal abuse, physical abuse, and cyberbullying.


  • Natasha Nuralanis binti Zulkipli of PPSEAWA Malaysia was chosen to receive a Young Women’s Fund award as the project leader for developing the iAgree mobile learning application to support the online learning needs of underserved children from two rural schools in Sarawak, Malaysia.

  • Claire Toh and Gloria Lee of PPSEAWA Taiwan were chosen to receive a Young Women’s Fund award for their video project, Unite the Diverse. Gloria made the video to show how different dance styles can blend harmoniously to symbolize how diverse cultures can work together and embrace each other. Claire promoted the video and its proceeds were used to fund performing arts education for underprivileged children in Taiwan.

  • PPSEAWA Malaysia | iAgree mobile learning application for underserved children in rural Sarawak
  • PPSEAWA Taiwan | Claire Toh and Gloria Lee receiving their YWF Grant from President Mandy Chen