Virtual Meeting Instructions

Joining a virtual meeting on Zoom:

  • Download the free-of-charge Zoom app ahead of time onto your device.
  • You will receive an invitation in your email to join the Zoom meeting after you register. We also will send the link for the meeting in a reminder notice the day before the meeting.
  • Join each meeting 5-10 minutes early. Note that you may be asked to provide information to join manually. The Meeting ID is the 10- or 11-digit code. The Password is the six-digit code that needs to be copied exactly as written because it is case-sensitive. You can copy and paste from the email invitation.
  • You may enter the meeting right away, or you may be placed into a waiting room that the host controls for a few minutes. Only the host can see your request to join and accept you.

Meeting Times

Please note that the times and dates vary based on your time zone, so plan accordingly.

Day 1 November 10 (Tuesday) - Session 1 Bangkok 9:00–9:50 AM

Other time zones:

  • Honolulu 1600 pm - Monday evening, 11/9
  • Chicago-Toronto 2100 pm - Monday evening, 11/9
  • New York-Worcester 2200 pm - Monday evening, 11/9
  • Geneva-Vienna 400 am
  • Karachi 700 am
  • Kuala Lumpur-Singapore-Taipei 1000 am
  • Seoul-Tokyo 1100 am
  • Sydney 1200 pm/noon
  • Suva-Wellington 1400 pm
  • Apia-Nuku’alofa 1500 pm

Day 1 November 10 (Tuesday) - Session 2 Bangkok 10:00–10:50 AM

Other time zones:

  • Honolulu 1700 pm - Monday evening, 11/9
  • Chicago-Toronto 2200 pm - Monday evening, 11/9
  • New York-Worcester 2300 pm - Monday evening, 11/9
  • Geneva-Vienna 500 am
  • Karachi 800 am
  • Kuala Lumpur-Singapore-Taipei 1100 am
  • Seoul-Tokyo 1200 noon
  • Sydney 1300 pm
  • Suva-Wellington 1500 pm
  • Apia-Nuku’alofa 1600 pm


  • Please kindly read our community guidelines below, which encourage a respectful and safe environment for productive exchange.
  • Zoom only allows for one person to speak at a time. Your microphone will be muted when you are not speaking.
  • If you are speaking, be sure to unmute your audio and speak clearly! You may notice a slight delay in audio
and video.
  • If you have questions or comments for a presenter, type it in the chat. The facilitator will pose questions to the presenters when possible.
  • If you do not want your video visible you can turn off your camera. 

  • Observers can attend the first two sessions of each day. Observers will be muted for the proceedings but they have access to the chat function for comments.
  • The proceedings will be recorded for the secretary’s use but will not be posted or made publicly available.