21st International Conference

November 2000 - Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Theme: Ignite the Power of Peace
Empowering Through Good Governance, Education and Understanding by Sharing Values Knowledge and Friendship

Friday 10 November - Saturday 18 November

Pre-Conference Workshop Day 1 and Day 2
In conjunction with the 21st PPSEAWA International Conference, a Pre- Conference Workshop is being planned on Friday 10 November and Saturday 11 November 2000

21st International Conference Day 3 - Day 9
The Conference will follow directly after the Pre-Conference Workshop with the Official Opening on Day 3 - Sunday 12 November 2000

Closing of Conference Day 9
The Conference will close on Day 9 - Saturday 18 November 2000

Organized by:
Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women’s Association of Cook Islands

The Millennium

The focus of the world will clearly be on the South Pacific prior and during the year 2000. Events of global interest will be hosted in the area.

The America’s Cup will be staged in New Zealand during the summer of 1999 and the year 2000.

The Olympic Games is set for the year 2000 in Sydney, Australia. Yachting and Olympic Gantes disciplines will be travelling to this part of the world to acclimatise and gain experience in our South Pacific environment.

There will be a massive movement of people world-wide leading up to this period. The Pan Pacific and South East AsiaWomen’s Association will appropriately become of age in the new Millennium with its 21st International Triennial Conference to be held in Rarotonga, Cook Islands in the year 2000.

This celebration of the new millennium, a period of 1,000 years is also described as a future period of great happiness for everyone.

The Conference

Rarotonga, the capital island of the Cook Islands will be the venue for the 21st International Triennial Conference in the year 2000. Modern facilities are available for the use and comfort of Conference delegates. This beautiful tropical island has a mountainous interior with verdant valleys that spill downwards to white sandy shores and the gentle lapping waters of aquamarine and crystal dear lagoons. The protective reef encircles Rarotonga like a white gardenia necklace.

Contact Address: Helen Henry
PPSEAWA Cook Islands
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Rarotonga Cook Islands
Ph: (682) 25320
Fax: (682) 25420
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