22nd PPSEAWA International Conference will be held in two parts:

I) Pre Conference and Workshop

12th - 13th May 2004

The pre-conference will focus on youth and leadership. Scenarios for propelling a passion for peace amongst the young , the leaders of tomorrow, will be discussed.


Young women (aged between 21-30) who are members of PPSEAWA and are potential leaders or as identified by PPSEAWA Chapters. Country Chapter Leaders of PPSEAWA or NGO leaders who play an important and dynamic role in their communities

Modus Operandi/Strategy

The Pre-Conference and Workshop will include Keynote Addresses, presentations with panel discussions and interaction sessions including….

  • Multi-media interactive presentations,
  • Multi-disciplinary discussions,
  • Multi-national participation & Multi-pronged solutions
  • Workshops and Plenary sessions
  • Business and Council Meetings
  • Exhibitions and Poster Displays
  • Cultural and Experiential Sessions
  • Gala dinner
  • Tours and Visits to places of interest
  • Meetings, Planning and Brainstorming
  • Interactive Sharing and Informal Networking
  • Institutional and formal networking

II) PPSEAWA Conference

14th - 19th May 2004

This conference is held once in three years and brings together participants from 22 countries.


PPSEAWA representatives, members and friends; resource personnel, speakers and leaders from international corporations and communities

Modus Operandi

The Conference will promote a wide interest yet in-depth participation of key issues related to the theme and sub themes.

Main Theme

Sharing a Culture of Peace

Sub Theme

Sub-Themes are Represented in the Acronym Peace as Follows:

  • People Power
  • Enhancing Education
  • Affirmative Action
  • Compassionate Connection
  • Economic Empowerment