Dear PPSEAWA Sisters,

It is with great anticipation and excitement that I invite you to the the 23rd. PPSEAWA International conference to be held in Auckland, New Zealand from 21-27th. March 2007.

My anticipation is that most of our members from all 23 countries will be there and my excitement is for what I believe will be another memorable conference.

Women making a difference through Peace is the overarching theme with the UN Millenium Development Goals as the guiding principles. Peace will remain a dream if we do not find ways to eliminate poverty, inequality, illiteracy, discrimination and disease. We have to make a difference!

There will be a few departures from the usual programme format and some surprises which we hope you will enjoy. Auckland is a multi-cultural city, and New Zealand, our gracious host is preparing to share as much as possible of that richness with us. Moreover, we are priviledged to participate in the 75th. Anniversary celebration of the foundation of PPSEAWA NZ in Wellington. 18th. April 1931.

How far have we carried forward the lessons learnt and commitments made at the last conference in Singapore? Three years have passed with great speed but has PPSEAWA as an international organisation met the expectations of it’s members? Have our member countries achieved their country goals for sharing the culture of peace and promoting the Peace Statement we adopted in Singapore. Conference time is for meeting old friends and making new ones but equally important is working together to shape PPSEAWA’s future.

Make a pledge now to be there!

I look forward to seeing you in Auckland with love and in peace.

Viopapa Annandale
PPSEAWA International President, 2004-2007