Dear PPSEAWA Sisters,

Warm greetings to each and everyone of you. I am honoured and privileged to once again invite you to our 24th.Triennial International Conference to be held in Bali, Indonesia from 18 to 22 May 2010. We are especially grateful to our gracious hosts, PPSEAWA Indonesia, for preparing an exciting programme and sharing their unique culture with us.

Many of our members have been challenged beyond belief in the three years since we all gathered with joy and optimism at our last Triennial Conference held in Auckland, New Zealand. The natural and man-made disasters endured not only for those of us living in our region but through-out the world may pose difficult choices when deciding whether or not to join our sisters in Bali.

I hope and pray that most of you will have the desire and the will to share some precious and uplifting moments with us at the conference and help pave the way for a more relevant and effective PPSEAWA in the 21st century. Be inspired by the resilience and strength of being who you are - a PPSEAWA woman and join us in love and determination to make a difference by “Fostering Peace through Unity in Diversity”.

Warmest regards,

Viopapa Annandale International President