Shirley Munyan Honored in Perth

Release Date: 
Thursday, 1 January, 2004
PPSEAWA Minnesota members and friends honored Shirley and Winthrop Munyan for their years of support for Peace. The plaque will be placed onto a bench in the Peace Garden in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Congratulations are in order for Shirley Boberg Munyan, longtime member of PPSEAWA as well as International Council of Women. The International council elected her to their Committee of Honor. Mrs. Munyan was not able to attend that meeting.

Shirley was cited for her work on countless boards of cultural organizations. Her work reflects her concerns about the advancement of women in areas of education, health and human rights. The Council also noted her energy, determination, enthusiasm and stubborn refusal to settle for less than she feels is right as a gift to all who have worked with her. Shirley's husband Winthrop has supported her work and shares common ideals. Together, they have traveled to many parts of the globe, experiencing the richness of the world's culture. Together, they have made travel possible for countless attendees at conferences, seminars and meetings. Many women have been able to meet face to face and heart to heart thanks to their generous support.

Shirley Munyan was born and raised in St. Paul Minnesota. She has modeled the liberal traditions and outlook of her four Swedish grandparents, to whom she refers when asked about the source of her energy, strength and commitment to make the world a better place. Culturally, it's a long way from that immigrant community to the place in which she finds herself today.