PPSEAWA-USA Board Meeting

St. Paul, Minnesota, October 18, 2003
Release Date

PPSEAWA-Hawaii will be celebrating PPSEAWA’s 75th Anniversary on October 24, 2003. The Princess and members of the Council are expected to attend. The new email address of the Princess is nanasi [at] aol.com (nanasi[at]aol[dot]com). The Princess informed us of 3 international days: Nov. 2nd- World Day for Circle of Compassion, Nov. 10th-World Science Day for Peace and Development, and Nov. 19th-World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse.

Treasurer Roseann Levy reported cash on hand as of May 1, 2002 was $2,540. Total cash receipts were $11,484. Total cash available was $14,024, and total cash disbursement was $9,120. The Conference Fund was divided in half with the other half going into the Education Fund. The interim report as of Oct. 3, 2003 is $6,855.

Chapter Reports follow this section. Kathy Adler reported on the decline of the Seattle Chapter. She is willing to make one more effort. She suggested there should be two workshops at the Annual Meeting- chapter building and on “how to be a treasurer.” No action was taken on the suggestion.

Sharon Vass reported a total membership of 283. Helen proposed and the board approved that PPSEAWA be an endorser of the Global Campaign for Peace Education. We will add a link to our website.

The board approved a motion that each member gives a $2.00 contribution to the Education Fund. The Education Committee, headed by Teresa Hintzke, will have application forms and guidelines to be given to the presidents of each member country at the Singapore Conference.

A discussion was held on what gift to bring to the chairperson of the conference, Shirley Lim. We will make a contribution in her honor to a project. Ada Kolmodin created a stunning stained glass gift for the Princess. Shirley will handle the shipping. For our giveaways, we approved purchasing luggage tags with the PPSEAWA logo that Ginney Schlicher will order.

Helen Chong will appoint a chairperson to head a task force to find out about obtaining desk/office space at the UN Church Center or other UN facility for a permanent communication center for PPSEAWA-USA.