PPSEAWA USA Education Committee Report

Release Date

In March of this year I sent out an appeal for donations to our newly established Educational Fund which would help young women of the Pacific area attain their goals in basic secondary education. So far we have received several contributions from individuals and chapters, making the Fund grow satisfactorily so far.

In addition, I took copies of applications and guidelines for the scholarship to the International Conference in Singapore and I personally spoke to the representatives of PPSEAWA national chapters from Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga. Each of these leaders expressed great interest in this project and their appreciation to PPSEAWA-USA for starting it. In fact, I have already heard from Viopapa Annandale of PPSEAWA Samoa that their chapter is in the process of finding a candidate who would benefit from our project.

The Education Fund Committee would like to acknowledge and thank the following chapters and individuals for their generosity:

  • Chicago Chapter: $490.00
  • San Francisco Bay Area: $150.00
  • New York: $100.00
  • Toledo: $200.00

Rev. Marjorie Aurelius and Ann Aurelius, for a generous contribution in honor of Shirley Munyan.

I encourage all PPSEAWA-USA members to support this effort with your contributions.