PPSEAWA USA Scholarship Update

Release Date

At the beginning of 2006, I encouraged our PPSEAWA chapters to seek applicants for PPSEAWA USA scholarships. These were American Samoa, Samoa, Niue, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and we added Sri Lanka. As of now, I have only heard from Fiji and Samoa. PPSEAWA has offered Evon Prasad from Fiji a three year scholarship. The request from Samoa is pending.

In Appreciation of Your Thoughtfulness

At this time I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Chicago Chapter for their generous donation to the PPSEAWA-USA Scholarship fund in memory of my mother, Anna Mikosz, who passed away in September. That donation was matched by me. Also, thanks to Ginny Schlicher and the Toledo Chapter who honored my mother by donating in her memory to the Children’s Disaster Relief Fund. Teresa A. Hintzke

Update from PPSEAWA USA Conference Committee

The next PPSEAWA International Conference will be held in Auckland, New Zealand, March 21st to March 27th, 2007. There will not be a separate workshop. By June/July we will be getting the applications and details. These will be forwarded to the Chapter Presidents for distribution to their members. The American dress code will be: navy blazer or jacket, white/off white skirt or slacks with a white blouse. The participants will be given a PPSEAWA USA badge which will go on the pocket of the blazer. The badges are already made and they look great! Also, with the outfit we will wear our red, white and blue scarves from the Singapore Conference. We hope to have more details about the upcoming NZ Conference in time for our annual meeting in May in New York