USA Chapter Report

Release Date

Greetings to President Viopapa Annandale and Sisters of PPSEAWA from the U.S.A. During the past year, many in PPSEAWA and throughout the world have experience devastating tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other forms of disasters. Our heart goes out to all who have suffered loss. It is with much gratitude that PPSEAWA USA gives ‘thanks’ to our thoughtful members in Samoa, Japan, Australia, and Korea who have sent us messages of care and concern after Hurricane Katrina. With the generous support of PPSEAWA Korea, a donation was given to Covington County Schools in Mississippi for the school’s special fund for Katrina

Our thanks to those PPSEAWA USA members who supported the ‘Disaster Relief Benefit’ by the Toledo Chapter in November, 2005. Proceeds of the event benefited children affected by natural disasters in the Gulf region of the United States, as well as, rebuilding schools in Northern Pakistan devasted from earthquakes beyond our comprehension. Funds were also raised to purchase fabric to make school uniforms for the children affected by the tsunami in Sri Lanka.

Together, we can make a difference in children’s lives and their families. Joy and peace to all of you in the New Year and always,

Virginia Schlicher, Pres.