Los Angeles Chapter Report

Release Date

The Los Angeles chapter currently has nine members. This year we had two meetings. Our March 26th meeting was held at Pamela Logan’s home. We discussed the progress made by the two girls in Tibet sponsored by our chapter through Kham Aid Foundation. Dramatic changes in China’s education policy were explained by Pamela Logan. One girl will be attending Senior High School in Ganzi and the other will be studying at a medical vocational school to become a nurse. Cost of sponsoring the girls had increased. Members contributed $1,040 towards tuition fees of the two girls which was sent to Tibet in September 2006.

An Lao and Dr. Lauren Bryant collected $850 which was sent to PPSEAWA chapter members in Sri Lanka to assist them with their Tsunami disaster relief efforts. They also received an additional $300 from a member in new York for an additional industrial sewing machine. Shirani will be visiting them in December this year.

Our second meet was at Angela Holberton’s home. Dr. Lauren Bryant invited guest speaker, Terry Mason, California State Co-Coordinator, Los Angeles and Valley regions volunteers for the Department of Peace and Nonviolence campaign. Dr. Bryant urged all members to participate in lobbying efforts to create a US Department of Peace. The Department of Peace develops policies and allocate resources to reduce the levels of domestic and gang violence, child abuse and various other forms of societal discord. Her speech was very informative.