Toledo Chapter Report

Release Date

At the Annual meeting new officers were installed. They are Louise Bankey, President, Gertrude Pagels, 1st VP, Joan Searles and Sharon Vass, co-second Vice Presidents, Temuulen Sunid, Recording Secretary, Greta Ullman, corresponding Secretary, Isabelle Lu Christopher, Treasurer, and Frances Delamater in the dual role of representative to the United Nations and PPSEAWA, USA.

It was the final meeting chaired by President Norma Wells. This was a very successful year which included a project to aid victims of the December 2005 tsunami in our PPSEAWA chapter in Sri Lanka; a continuation of support for a grade school for children in the country near Peshawar, Pakistan; and school supplies sent to the children in a school near the family home of our member Margaret Barron in Mississippi which had suffered great loss in the fall 2006 hurricanes.

After the summer work of setting up meetings for the 2006-07 year and the preparation of the Chapter yearbook, the members met at the home of Louise Bankey. We are sad to note that during the summer we lost to death or illness several members of long standing: Lura Kenney, Helen fuller, Virginia Thies, and Dororthy Zurheide.

Temuulen Sunid, our Secretary, who in charge of the International Students’ Orientation and Housing, gave a nice talk on the advantages that can come to those who entertain foreign student sin their homes, and the great many student from many nations presently attending the University of Toledo.

Our PPSEAWA national president Ginney Schlicter gave a detailed report of the interesting September meeting she and another Toledo member attended in New York concerning the UNIFEM programs at our October meeting. Plans for the programs for the rest of the year include “Changing China” by Isabelle Lu Christopher and “An International Dance for Peace, an interactive program by Judy Trautman.