Toledo Chapter Report

Release Date

Our meetings have been varied. Isabelle Lu Christopher, our chapter treasurer and a native of China, gave us an overview of the remarkable changes occurring in her native country. We were all challenged to update our impressions of China to better match the reality of today.

Our January meeting was held at one of the branch libraries in order to have sufficient space to present Judy Lee Trautman’s program. A former teacher who has embraced the Sufi way of Islam, she taught us two meaningful dances from her repertoire of 500 from the International Dances of Peace. She invited us to join a local group who meet monthly to better experience the inner peace and joy obtained through these dance sessions. We were charmed by her offerings for us to learn. Ginny Schlicher put us all on video!!

Two of our members went to Auckland and the remainder of our members enjoyed the presentation by two Korean students who discussed life in their native land.

A committee, chaired by Ardenia Jones Terry, has been appointed to plan a celebration of the chapter’s 50th anniversary. All members were asked for suggestions for distributing some of our treasury funds to causes consistent with PPSEAWA interests.