Radio for the Print Handicapped

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As well as being a member of PPSEAWA, I am president of Radio 1RPH, Canberra’s radio for the print handicapped.

Radio for the print handicapped RPH covers all capital cities except Darwin with some states having booster stations transmitting into country areas. People with a print handicap such as blindness, low vision, paralysis and other reading problems have access to the written word including the daily newspapers, a vast array of magazines, books and news from organisations serving the print handicapped. It is estimated that 18% of the population have problems reading thus the RPH network has a huge potential listening audience.

1RPH has about one hundred volunteers with two part-time paid employees. Very shortly, there will be a booster station operating in Wagga Wagga, thus extending our coverage into southern NSW. The stations work together to exchange book readings, magazines and other programmes. The most popular programme is the reading of the daily newspapers, eg Canberra Times and The Australian.

A unique event at 1RPH is the sponsorship of the International Women’s Day Breakfast. The guest speaker is recorded and re-played for the benefit of the listeners for whom the use of public transport at 7am is not practical.

I have been with the station for about seventeen years. Firstly, I was as a reader then presenter and roster keeper, committee member and president. I enjoy publicising the station through public speaking and attending functions. Do tune in to your RPH station.