Short Report of the Mid-Term Council Meeting and 80th Anniversary Celebration of PPSEAWA Hawaii

Hawaii: 16-19 May 2008
Release Date

The following objectives were set by the International President, Viopapa Annandale for the mid-term council meeting of PPSEAWA International held recently in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  1. To renew and strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding.
  2. To update on significant developments and activities of members.
  3. To determine actions and other appropriate measures for the implementation of resolutions and recommendations adopted at the 23rd Conference.
  4. To make recommendations for improvements in the control and management of the affairs of the Association.
  5. To approve the outline proposals and budget for the next conference.

All Council members were present except Lalida Poshyananda from Thailand. Majority of Advisors were also present and a good representation of Country Presidents - Australia, Fiji, Tonga, Japan, Thailand, USA, Hawaii, Indonesia, Malaysia. Other members from member countries also present.

Many areas of the responsibilities of Council members were discussed and important decisions were made, some of which are listed below:

  • Approved job descriptions for UN reps, the Vice Presidents and Directors. These descriptions have given some guidance and direction for Council members where they were not sure of their place within the structure of the council. It is hoped that these job descriptions will make it easier for PPSEAWA members who in the future might wish to nominate for a position on the International Council.
  • New Publication -“Platters for Peace”. The book was admired and copies were available for sale to national member associations at $20.00 per individual copy or at a bulk rate for large orders of $12.00 per book allowing the member association to re-sell with proceeds going to an appropriate development and assistance fund either within the country of sale or to PPSEAWA International. The PPSEAWA International Council supported the publication by giving a grant of US$3,300.00 toward the printing of 1000 books.
  • The International Council agreed to send a significant delegation to the 53rd CSW (Commission for the Status of Women) meeting in 2009 and to conduct a Workshop on Peace at the CSW.
  • It is hoped that two new Youth Ambassadors be appointed with responsibilities to encourage a younger membership and to better represent younger women both within and outside the Association.
  • All resolutions adopted at the 23rd conference have been implemented with one exception - the Malaysia/Samoa resolution. New wording submitted by the Peace ambassador was approved.
  • The report of the 23rd International Conference was tabled. New Zealand was reminded that every delegate should receive a copy.
  • The proposed outline for the next conference to be held in Bali, Indonesia - May 18-22, 2010. Theme: Fostering Peace Through Strengthening Unity in Diversity was approved by the International Council.
  • Ravesi Johnston and her Project Development Committee conducted a Seminar on a WAY FORWARD for member countries to promote Gender Equality and Empower Women. Recommendations were approved. It is hoped that a training workshop on Programme Development be held before the Bali Conference. Members unanimously agreed that the meeting was highly successful and met its objectives.

In between meetings there was ample time for relaxing, sightseeing and shopping.

This report has been presented by the International President Papalii Viopapa Annandale with input also from First Vice President Mary Cabrera.