Release Date

Beverley Pavey

3/9/1944 - 7/3/2008

Whatever one says about Beverley Pavey, some things of importance will be omitted. She was such a vibrant, interested, concerned, understanding and caring individual that it is difficult to cover all her attributes. She was adored by her husband, Andrew, her two children, Christopher and Catherine, and her large circle of friends.

According to her daughter, Catherine, she revelled in being eccentric, was a patient, insightful teacher who had a beautiful smile and loved to laugh. Beverley had a strong sense of social justice and a huge commitment to causes which mattered to her, ranging from treatment of women to resolution of conflict.

In her early life, Beverley was serious about bushwalking and speleology, even going caving with husband, Andrew, in the PNG jungles and South America. After graduating with two degrees from university, she worked for the Commonwealth Department of Education and later Health and Community Services. After retirement she became an enthusiastic member of many women’s organisations, including PPSEAWA, National Council of Women the Australian Federation of University Women and Conflict Resolution Network, amongst others. She was Honorary Australian Secretary of PPSEAWA from 2004-07.

Beverley died from complications following treatment for a rare peritoneal cancer. We in PPSEAWA and other organisations to which she belonged, along with her family and many friends miss her caring enthusiasm and good humour.

Rose Mary Gallagher

2 June 1916 - 17 April 2008

Rose Gallagher was an active and devoted member of PPSEAWA-NSW for more than 50 years. She attended several PPSEAWA International Conferences and held office at International, National and State levels, serving as Honorary Secretary of PPSEAWA International 1958-61, Honorary Secretary of PPSEAWA Australia 1961-1969 and 1982-1985 and various offices over the years in PPSEAWA-NSW.

Rose was interested in every aspect of PPSEAWA - the aims and objects and all its activities. She had a prodigious memory and was the respected fount of knowledge of PPSEAWA history and tradition. For many years she was one of our delegates to the National Council of Women of NSW and served on the Executive Committee of that organization. Her life was dedicated to the cause of social justice and helping others.

In recognition of her service and achievements, Honorary Life Membership was bestowed on Rose by both PPSEAWA-Australia and PPSEAWA-NSW. We honour her memory.

Kaylin Simpson Lee

Elaine Patricia Laver

13 February 1933 - 18 July 2008

The funeral of Elaine Laver, a former member of PPSEAWA (ACT) group was attended by many PPSEAWA friends and colleagues who were saddened by the news of her recent passing. Elaine was well liked and respected by her many friends in PPSEAWA where she spent several years in the ACT group. During the 90s she was very active in helping with the catering for cultural events and distribution of the monthly newsletter, which was a constant and time-consuming task. Her personal style and her caring gentle way with people endeared her to many. Although illness restricted her participation in recent times, she fought her battle with cancer bravely and with quiet dignity to the end. She will be missed by her many PPSEAWA friends in the ACT.

“Weep not that she is gone
Rather smile that she was here”