Why Platters?

Release Date

The idea of Platters came from the need to respond financially following the devastating tsunami some years ago. A discussion took place at the interim council meeting in Samoa and it was suggested that a recipe book be produced. As Peace Ambassador I took the idea on board and on my return to Australia put into train requests to national member associations for poetry, prose, photos, paintings and platters (recipes) from PPSEAWA members and their friends.

Katya Shmelkova, the daughter of the president of PPSEAWA Russia Olga Shmelkova, and resident in Australia offered to put the book together as part of her degree work at the University of New South Wales and so began a long process of phone calls, emails and letters. Katya shopped for ingredients, cooking and photographing many of the recipes for the book. She also did the watermark artwork found as background on many pages using some photos of flowers and other designs. The result, in my opinion, is a beautiful production.

The printer, fineline - copy & print, and in particular Susan and David, were very helpful, visiting me on more than one occasion in my home to discuss the best way of printing the book. They edited as necessary, making last minute changes to provide a satisfactory outcome.

Eventually the book PPSEAWA Platters for Peace was completed and is now available for distribution to national member associations.

Platters is my legacy as past PPSEAWA Ambassador for Peace and my wish is that the sales of Platters seed a relief and development fund in each National Member Association to be used when need arises.

1000 books have been printed and are available for sale at $20.00 per copy. An order form is included in this newsletter.

Originally it was hoped that Platters would be a coffee table book. The production is more practicable in its format however it looks great on my coffee table and has promoted PPSEAWA to those who visit my home.