Our Young Women Our Future

Youth Session - 24th International Triennial Conference, 18-22 May, Bali
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The 24th International Triennial Conference in Bali included a dedicated session for PPSEAWA’s young women. Organised by the PPSEAWA Youth Ambassadors, the youth session comprised of an enriching variety of presentations including:

  • “Young women of Pakistan” by Anny Marri, Pakistan
  • “Korean College Experiences” by Elle Park, Korea
  • “Child Brides, Stolen Lives” by Akari Yamada, USA
  • “Visioning for PPSEAWA’s Young Women” by Kate Morioka, Japan
  • “Youth Leaders and Global Participation” by Angela Lee, Fiji

To read more about the youth session, please download the “Our Young Women, Our Future Article” and the “Youth Session Summary” (PDF documents).