PPSEAWA Peace Challenge 2011-2013

Release Date

To PPSEAWA Member Associations: announcing A PEACE Challenge.

You are invited to participate in a PPSEAWA Peace Challenge for 2011 to 2013.

By the 25th triennial PPSEAWA International conference to be held in Fiji in 2013, each PPSEAWA Member Association should aim to *assist, support or sponsor a female tertiary or post graduate student in the discipline of Peace and/or Development Studies either within their own country or in another PPSEAWA member country. Where this is not possible PPSEAWA Associations may choose to select a senior high school student who would present her well researched local project based on Peace and Development for her own community.

It would be hoped that these PPSEAWA scholars would attend the conference in Fiji in person or, by sending a short video, present the outcomes of their study to conference delegates.

This Peace Challenge commencing in 2011 may continue beyond the conclusion of 2013.

Please contact Mary Cabrera at amcabrera [at] bigpond.com (amcabrera[at]bigpond[dot]com) with details of your peace challenge candidate and her project draft.

*assist, support or sponsor - a wide interpretation as for some associations support in kind as opposed to financial sponsorship could be appropriate