2016 Peace Day Observance in PPSEAWA Malaysia

Release Date

Professor Kumar spoke on: How to Acquire Peace and Spread It

Some of the points he touched on are –

1. Peace begins with Me -

  • How to manage peace within ourselves
  • If you cannot achieve peace within yourself then you cannot have peace with anybody else

2. Importance of Home Discipline –

  • Nurturing with values instilled at an early age may reduce stress later in life
  • Giving in to children’s unnecessary wants just to copy their friends
  • Relationship issues in schools and work areas bring stress
  • Single mothers experience stress resulting in insecurity in children

3. Our mind is programmed to move away from Peace-

  • Our need to acquire more and better things and better lifestyle brings stress which contaminates the mind and takes away your peace.
  • We are concerned with beautifying the world and in the process compromise our peace.