2017 Peace Day Observance in PPSEAWA Fiji

2 Branches of PPSEAWA Fiji commemorated the 2017 Peace Day separately
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2 Branches of PPSEAWA Fiji commemorated the 2017 Peace Day separately:

1. Nausori Branch: Presented by Branch President Mrs. Taina Tagicakibau:

The PPSEAWA Fiji Nausori branch decided to visit and provide food to the Lakena HART Village, 6km from Nausori town to commemorate International Peace Day this year 2017. For information,the Housing Assisstance Relief Trust (HART} was established by the Fiji Council of Churches to provide shelters for destitutes in Fiji. Their mission, which is not far from the theme of thi year”s World Peace Day is “Giving Hope, Restoring Dignity and Empowering Lives”. There are over 40 HART villages in Fiji. Lakena was established in 1975 and currently has over 90 residents.

International Peace Day Programme

Members decided to wear white in recognition and respect for the special day. Accordingly, at 4 am on the day, members with white attire and with their food contributions gathered at Mr. and Mrs. M. Cakaunitabua's home to begin food preparation. As also decided earlier, prayers by individuals were for Peace and Climate Change ;now that PPSEAWA is on the Government Climate Change Committee and Climate change week was immediately after on 22 September By 6 am the group left Nausori for Lakena and upon arrival proceeded directly to the village hall to serve breakfast initially then lunch thereafter to 96 residents including mainly women and children.

The provision of breakfast and lunch was a unique act of kindness as this was the first time in history of the Lakena HART that such a visit had taken place. There was much joy and happiness and lots of emotions and tears on both sides. For our members it was an eye opener, for some of them it was up close and personal with our own Fiji destitutes, some with partial sight and limbs and some mental cases aside from the sick, the cripples and elderlies. Generally, the visit involving sitting down, discussions and exchanges and serving food to the residents, for our members in Nausori was a humbling experience. Even seeing the smiles and appreciation on peoples' faces was quite rewarding. Some members have already undertaken to take more visits with their families particularly around Christmas.

In conclusion, I extend my most sincere gratitude to all our Nausori PPSEAWA sisters who supported and participated in this International Peace Day event - they contributed from their own pockets.

We also take this opportunity to convey Peace, Love and Blessings to our International Peace Ambassador, Mrs. Ravesi Johnston and family and to all PPSEAWA sisters.

2. LAUTOKA Branch: Presented by Branch President Mrs. Titilia Vuataki.

We had about more than 100 elderly from Nadi, to Ba who attended that peace day, including our sisters and gentleman from the Muslim League.

The seniors were treated for a day and our invite was for only 60 but we had more than 100 people attended, we were fortunate as Novotel Hotel catered for all and that was part of their donation.