Cat's Meow

Release Date

PPSEAWA Hawaii, with its auspicious history and years of great and wonderful women members, celebrated its 90th anniversary in New York City a month ago with attendees from eight sister countries. It is with great pride that our PPSEAWA here in Hawaii continues to flourish and carry on the job of being the chapter that started this women’s organization in 1928.

With the letter stating that PPSEAWA Hawaii is the bona fide group affiliated with PPSEAWA International, we continue to send delegates to all PPSEAWA International meetings/conferences, pay our International dues, is looked upon as the founding chapter, our long-time members are known to the members of the International council and members in sister chapters, and most importantly our group is recognized as PPSEAWA Hawaii - who follow the rules and by-laws of PPSEAWA International.

A special Mahalo to P. Genie Trapp, for consenting to lead PPSEAWA Hawaii and to guide us through the various activities and meetings as we continue to move forward.

Arigato to our special member, Irene Fujimoto for her liaison work between us and SWCC.

Gracie to Ulriki Siddiqi for her forever love for PPSEAWA Hi, and her undying efforts to bolster the spirit of our group through emails and phone calls, and to emphasize PPSEAWA’s MISSION STATEMENT “To strengthen the bonds of peace by promoting understanding and fostering friendships among all women…” which applies to all PPSEAWA women, including our Hawaii group.

Please plan to attend PPSEAWA Hi’s luncheon honoring and celebrating PPSEAWA’s 90th year birthday on May 12! Sincerely, Millie Morikawa, Newsletter