The Cat’s Meow

Release Date

Arigato: To our 2019-2021 Board Officers who have graciously accepted the call to lead PPSEAWA Hi. Your dedication is very much appreciated! Dr. Susan Iwamura, Colette Young-Pohlman, Ulrike Siddiqi, Lorraine Tobin, and Patricia Buckman.

Mahalo: Aloha to you, out-going PPSEAWA HI Chapter President - Dr. P. Genie Trapp, and thank you for your leadership and taking the reins in steering PPSEAWA Hi smoothly for the past 2 years. Despite some difficult situations, which would have left our Hawaii chapter without a captain, you were able to step up, keep us afloat and help our Hawaii chapter to stay alive, running smoothly and in good graces with PPSEAWA International.

Danke: To our hard-working team who enthusiastically saw the sex-trafficking project through with HOPE bags, purchasing items to fill the bags and having special speakers to enlighten the group with a slide show, as well as interesting and insightful stories.

Gracias: Appreciate the teamwork displayed by Genie, Colette, Pat, Lorraine, who went shopping, asked for donations, looked for items on sale, personally donated items to be used to fill the HOPE bags. Thank you to Ulrike, who was living in Spain, for sending a monetary donation which was used to buy t-shirts for the HOPE bags. Genie also donated many items for the HOPE bags.

Gracie: To non-members-Vivian Loefstedt, Julie Lowell, Lynn Lee, Cheryl Silva for your unselfishness in helping with our HOPE bag project!!!

Dear PPSEAWA Sisters, thank you for your interest in reading the PPSEAWA newsletter. Thank you also for your patience, cooperation, and friendship. I welcome all suggestions, help, and articles you may want to have printed in our coming issues.