Focus on the South Pacific for PPSEAWA Japan's Peace Day 2019

Release Date: 
Tuesday, 1 October, 2019

PPSEAWA Japan held a gathering on September 28, 2019, in connection with the United Nations Peace Day.

There are no other women’s NGOs in Japan like PPSEAWA, which specifically handles the Pacific and Southeast Asian region. We believe we have a mission to learn and disseminate information on the region through women’s voices. We have been studying the pre-WWII history between Japan and the Asia and Pacific region.  The relationship between Japan and South Pacific countries is a history complicated by light and shadows.

We attended the get-together of the Pacific Islands Center in March of 2019. The PIC is a governmental international organization. We listened to a lecture on diplomacy of the Pacific Islands by an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Then we invited Dr. Takehiro Kurosaki of Tokai University for our Peace Day gathering in September. Dr. Kurosaki is an expert in Pacific Islands research so his talk was entitled: “Society, Culture, and Women of the Pacific”.