Outrigger Canoe Club meeting Dec. 8, 2018

Release Date

Purpose: to fill HOPE bags with personal items that were gathered by PPSEAWA Hi members to be donated to SWCC for the victims of sex trafficking program, TVAP.

Members willing to shop for items: Genie Trapp, Colette Young-Pohlman, Millie Morikawa, Patricia Buckman, Lorraine Tobin, Ulirke Siddiqi.

Special non-members who were enthusiastic and more than willing to help with HOPE bags: Vivian Loefstedt, Julie Rose Lovell, Lynn Lee, Cheryl Silva. Unable to attend: Jenat Higa.

  • Lorraine Tobin, Pat Buckman, and Lynn Lee
  • Completed HOPE Bags
  • Vivan Loefstedt, Genie Trapp, Julia Rose Lovell
  • Lynn, Colette, Genie, Vivian and Julia Rose
  • Vivian Loefstedt, Julie Rose Lovell
  • Colette Young-Pohlman, Lorraine Tobin, and Pat Buckman