Sister Joan Chatfield

Release Date

Sister Joan Chatfield passed away on March 1, 2019. She made her final vows at the Maryknoll Sisters Center in 1959, in Honolulu. This would become her most cherished home. As teacher, counselor, she headed and chaired many important professional, social committees and community organizations, as described in multiple obituaries published upon her funeral. Sister Joan joined the Pan Pacific South East Asia Women’s Association in 1978, after retiring from her long mission in New York at the Maryknoll Sisters Center, N.Y. As she contributed enthusiastically to our discourse on subjects of social responsibility and gender issues, with her knowledge and experiences she became a familiar and respected member of the PPSEAWA Hawaii community. In 2006, she was elected 1st Vice President in charge of Programs. She became President of the organization in 2014, serving two terms and attending the PPSEAWA International Conference in Kuala Lumpur, 2017.

In spite of many health problems and our constant worries about her situation, she continued to give the organization her loyalty and friendship. We thank you, Joan, for that and much more.