2020 PPSEAWA Taiwan Youth Training Program

Changing the World from Young Generation (III)- Caring for the World through SDGs
Release Date

Aiming to guide the young people in Taiwan to know better of the UN SDGs, and to understand further what our country has achieved in implementing and advocating SDGs, PPSEAWA Taiwan, from August 25-26, 2020, has hosted a Youth Training Program: “Changing the World from Young Generation (III)- Caring for the World through SDGs” sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Under the guidance of the Ministry, the annual program, through well-arranged course design and distinguished lecturers, aims to evoke young people’s interests to involve in INGO works. It is also our goal to provide opportunities for outstanding young people to participate in a variety of international INGO conferences, so as to cultivate the seeds of passion for international affairs participation, and to see these seeds nurtured into full-grown trees. When those young people grow up strong and stand firm on the world stage, we are sure that Taiwan will also be seen more by the international community.

For the workshop this year, we have particularly invited government officials, academics, experts in various fields, as well as successful entrepreneurs to share their personal experiences with our young participants. Lecturers include Hsueh-Hong Wang, Director General of the Department of NGO International Affairs, MOFA; Pen-Tsao Chang, President of the Taiwan Federation of Commerce; Eugene You-Hsin Chien, Chairman of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE); Lee Hong-yuan, former Minister of the Ministry of the Interior; Yeah Ling-chi, General Manager of Yung Ching Realty Group; Deng Hua-Yu, Deputy Director, The Gender Equality Committee, Executive Yuan; Huang Ling-Shiang, Deputy Director, Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development; Jen Li-Chung, Vice Principal, Providence University; Professor Wan-Yu Liu, Deputy Dean, International College of Innovation, National Chung Hsing University; Dr. Chen Liang-Kung, Director, Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, etc.