Release Date

Dear PPSEAWA Sisters,

We bid you all heartfelt greetings and hoping this newsletter finds each and everyone of you in good spirits and health. Despite the Covid threat, Susan and the two of us have been meeting via the computer to complete an international report, and make suggestions and plans for PPSEAWA Hi’s 2020-21 agenda.

Wherever we are and whatever we encounter, let us be courageously and always, let us continue to courageously and lovingly confront the challenges of difficult times as our Founding Women had done”.

We are PPSEAWA Women whose bonds and deeds have made a difference to all of us, for over 90 years. PPSEAWA International has its roots in Hawaii and we are proud of our contributions.

We would like to welcome our two new Youth Members, Maile McGuinn and Julia-Rose Lovell into our PPSEAWA Hi fold.

With Fond Aloha from Millie and Ulrike