New Report on Peace Making Asia-Pacific

Release Date

Peacemaking in Asia and the Pacific: Women’s participation, perspectives and priorities, is the latest publication of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue’s initiative on Women at the Peace Table Asia Pacific. This collection of articles explores the reasons for women’s under-representation in peace processes, in terms of both participation in peace processes and gender content in agreements. The publication puts forward the experiences of women from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Timor Leste, India, Solomon Islands and Nepal, highlighting the benefits and obstacles to their participation in such processes. It contains practical recommendations on how to make international norms a reality in peacemaking as well as how to strengthen women¹s participation in, and contribution to, peace processes and agreements. It also offers a list of recommended resources; a shorthand explanation of key international standards related to women’s rights; and a set of pointers for mediation teams on how to include gender in their work.

The report can be downloaded from the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue’s website.