PPSEAWA International President’s Visit to Jakarta, Indonesia

April 3-5, 2011
Release Date: 
Tuesday, 9 August, 2011

I arrived in Jakarta in the late afternoon from Kuala Lumpur and was greeted at the airport by Danny Sudarsono and Corrie.

The following morning after breakfast I was joined by Dr. Pratiwi Sudarmono , PPSEAWA International 2nd VP, and several members of PPSEAWA Indonesia to begin the planned program.

Our first stop was a visit to Street Children School, Sekolah Kami, established by Dr. Noni Pumomo, PPSEAWA Indonesia member. It was started as a study group in 2001 motivated by the concern and social responsibility to help the children from families in poverty who could not send their children to school for lack of income to give them education, so that as the coming generation they will be self sufficient. The school provides basic education to the children of “pemelung” or scavengers living in an East Jakarta trash area where the scavengers live and eke out their meager livelihood. Sekolah Kami is run by Dr. Irina Amongpradja, a young woman who has dedicated her life to helping these children. The children learn basic reading, writing and arithmetic as well as useful skills to produce products that they sell to partially fund the school and to earn extra money

 In 2009, the children of Sokolah Kani begun to learn how to play the Angklung in the hope that through music they could soften their reputaion of being known as “street children”.

Dr. Irena, with the assistance of another teacher, introduced them to the instrument and to musical tones. After about a year the children became more skillful and now not only can they play the instruments, they can make the angklung and take care of it.

I was treated to a wonderful angklung performance while visiting the school. I also suggested that a CD be made of their playing in order for us to be able to share in this accomplishment.

After the visit to the School the PPSEAWA group, led by Dr. Pratiwi Sudarmone,continued to visit an Art and Craft Center of Indonesian products.

From there we joined other members of PPSEAWA Indonesia at the residence of PPSEAWA Indonesia President, Her Excellency Madame Nani Soedarsono who graciously hosted a tea and welcomed us. The program included a report of PPSEAWA Indonesia delivered by Dr. Pratiwi and remarks by me.

The business segment was followed by a traditional Cultural Performance, the Lengger dance accompanied by a gamelan ensemble.

That evening the Board of PPSEAWA Indonesia hosted a farewell dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel and bid farewell to me. I departed for Seoul the following morning.