Holiday Greetings 2023

Release Date

Dear PPSEAWA International Council Members, PPSEAWA NMO Presidents and All members,

Greetings to All,

The year of 2023 is bidding us all farewell with holiday seasons to celebrate and enjoy.

2023 has been the year of love and happiness for many, while some may have faced great loss and sadness. Nevertheless, I believe that the well-remembered past will remain in your hearts.

On behalf of PPSEAWA International Executives, I would like to extend sincerest gratitude to all support received all through the year, on all devoted works with us and especially in your own country to reach the goals of PPSEAWA in the best possible way.

Life around the world has changed a great deal since the pandemic but strength, endurance and courage will bring back good life and cheers. I do believe that togetherness is our strength to success.

With the joyous season is all around, may the Executives and I convey our love, warmest thoughts and best wishes to you and your loved ones to have a blessed and blissful holiday. May the New Year 2024 be bright, filled with love, happiness and peace.

Happy Holidays 🎄

Happy New Year 2024 🎉

In Love, Peace and Friendship 🕊

Mondhiya Bhangsbha
Akari Yamada
Dr. Raj Abdul Karim
Genie Trapp
Mei Chuan Chao