Theme: Ignite The Power Of Peace

We are entering a new era, a time of sweeping changes affecting women, children, families and every person in the global community. The effects of globalization, a borderless world, sophisticated technology for communication and information brings us to witness instantly experiences that touch our lives, our families and our nation.

Women today must be poised to forge ahead and take positive action to make the difference in the new millennium.


  • Women and Men for the new millenium
  • Children - our vision for the future
  • Global environment in the 21st Century
  • Interdependence - unity and global harmony
  • Generating Peace through cultural understanding and creativity

Modus Operandi/Strategy

The Conference is being organized to promote wide interest yet in-depth participation on key issues through:
  • Key note Address - International figure “Ignite the Power of Peace - Empowering through good governance, education and understanding by sharing values and knowledge and friendship”
  • Presentation of four major papers - sub themes
    • Changed Role of Men and Women
    • Children our Vision for the new Millennium
    • The Environment in the 21st Century
    • Interdependence - a global vision
  • Workshops and Discussions
  • UN Day - Culture of Peace and Global Harmony
  • Exhibitions
  • Cultural and Spiritual exchanges
  • Closing Address - “Where to in the New Millennium”
  • Business and Council Meetings