Kia Orana!

It is a pleasure for me to extend to the members of the Pan Pacific and South East Asia Women’s Association the warm “Kia Orana” and greetings of the people of the Cook Islands.

We applaud the vision and the fostering of PPSEAWA International’s objective of promoting peace through friendship and co-operation amongst people of the Pacific and South East Asia region and your efforts in upgrading the qua ity of life. Your 21 st International Conference to be held in the Year 2000 will launch your Association into the new Millennium. May this event bring forth new vision, new hope and new achievements.

I extend my personal best wishes to you and hope that we will have the opportunity of welcoming you to our beautiful shores and sharing with you the warmth and vibrant culture of our people.

Honourable Sir Geoffrey Henry, KBE
Prime Minister, Cook Islands

Presidents Message

Kia Orana

The Cook Islands Chapter of PPSEAWA is privileged and honoured to be the host of the Year 2000 Conference to be held on Rarotonga. We are delighted to be able to sham with our PPSEAWA sisters our special piece of the Pacific - A special place, a special people, a special magic, the Cook Islands.

The ladies of PPSEAWA are continuing in their effort to promote “positive parenting” and will have the opportunity to demonstrate to all participants their achievements. All children are our future and how we treat them today will be our vision for the future is the overarching goal of PPSEAWA, Cook Islands. Our multi-cultural membership, is sign)ficant with a population of 18,000.

We welcome all women from all walks of life who am interested in sharing their personal and work experiences. This is our way of fostering and promoting peacte and understanding between peoples for a better world.

The Conference will provide us all with the opportunity to shape a new mission and furfil a new vision of harmony and riches for our children and children’s children beyond the Year 2000.

We will look forward to renewing our friendships with our sisters around the world. On behalf of PPSEAWA, the Cook Islands Chapter welcomes you to Rarotonga in the Year 2000.

Teresa Manarangi-Trott