Los Angeles Chapter Report

Release Date

The Los Angeles chapter currently has 15 members. Our chapter sponsors several girls through middle school and high school in Litang, Tibet. Dr. Pamela Logan, who works through Kham Aid Foundation, gives updates on the girls at our meetings.

The Sri Lanka chapter has embarked on projects of rehabilitating and supporting women who are victims of the recent tsunami to rebuild their livelihoods by providing them with basic sewing equipment and materials. The new chapter is in dire need of our assistance the LA chapter is hoping to host fund-raisers to help them in the near future. They have asked for donation of U.S. $835 to buy two industrial sewing machines, $315 to buy two domestic sewing machines and books and toys for children and money for women’s underwear. We have applied for California state tax exempt status to help future fundraisers.

The officers of the chapter are Co-Presidents Maria Suzuki and Shirani Stanislaus, Treasurer: Esperanza Gemberling, National VP: Marion Fay, Chapter representative: Laurie Lee.